Bathroom Renovations

Two Studs will help create a bathroom that is spa-like in its comfort, with modern features.

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Bathrooms were once a space of simple utility, but have now progressed into a new level of luxury.  Two Studs will help you create a bathroom that is spa-like in its comfort, with a stunning environment and modern features. Your remodeled bathroom will be a dream to use. 

Bathroom remodeling project can be both challenging and daunting, but the results are worth all the effort. When you see your bathroom renovated to perfection in front of your eyes, all your time spent pouring over floor plans, bathroom fixtures, lighting ,tiles and vanities will all be worth it. 

As a full-service contractor, we can tackle remodels of any size, from a simple shower replacement, to converting a tub into a full-scale bathroom remodel. We can help you upgrade the look of your current bathroom with modern fixtures, expand it to make it more spacious, or install  additional bathrooms in your home. Throughout the process, we are committed to ensuring that your vision is brought to light.